Beth Hossfeld, LMFT

Are you a young person wondering what to expect when you come to a therapist like me?

Some children or teens ask to talk with a therapist, but most come because their parents think it might be useful or helpful. It's common for kids to think that going to a therapist might mean there is something wrong with them. But that's just a myth. Just like physical health, mental health is important to our daily well being.

Therapy is a place where you can be yourself.  Whatever is on your mind or going on is okay to discuss with me. We can talk about everything: school, friends, family, pets, interests and activities, relationships, things that don't make sense,  things that are confusing, things that happened, or dreams and hopes for your life. Some kids like to draw or use simple art materials. As we talk about things going on, we start to understand more about how certain situations, emotions and thoughts might affect you, and ways to deal with challenging situations or stress. Each person has strengths. When we tap into strengths, it is more possible to find solutions or to understand more about people and about yourself.

Here's what to expect:

You'll be respected. I'll listen to you. I don't judge. I keep an open mind.

Your information is protected by me. I don't tell others what you discuss with me. There are some exceptions which have to do with your safety. I will explain them to you when we meet.

I can show you some skills andways to cope with stress and challenging people or circumstances. I'll support you to reach your goals.

Honest conversation. Information. Resources.