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You may find yourself looking for a path or way to manage best under the stress of a challenging day, a difficult relationship, a personal predicament,  a school or work problem, or a financial hardship.

Under stress, the first best thing to do is to breathe.  Inhale slowly and exhale slowly, in a natural way. Although we usually want to hurry up and fix a problem or find a solution, when we bring our attention to our breath, we refresh our minds and bodies immediately and thus better equip ourselves to manage in a balanced way under stress.

I will be posting other thoughts like these on:
  • healthy social-emotional development for children and adolescents
  • strategies for parents to support children and teens through tough times
  • managing a healthy home environment even under stress
  • practicing tools for self-care and interpersonal skills
I will also post local or general information and resources that relate to general mental health and its relationship to overall health and balance.

Thank you for reading! I look forward to responding to your thoughts and questions, too.